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Virgo is one of the biggest constellations in the night sky(second only to Hydra). It’s brightest star Spica is easy to locate and both of these attributes mean that it has been seen and studied since the days of Babylon. 

At that time it represented the Sumerian goddess of grain and compassion, Shala. The star Spica (Latin for ‘ear of grain’) being held by her. Later the Greeks associated it with Demeter (& Persephone) and the Romans with Ceres. 


Virgo combines astronomical and astrological details relating to its principle features as a constellation and as a sign of the zodiac. It is a 3 layer print hand gilded in 24kt Italian Gold Leaf.


Regardless of your interest in astronomy and astrology the moment you were born was a singular moment in the history of the universe, the heavenly bodies will never again be in that same configuration. These prints celebrate that moment in time, you and always looking up to the stars.


  • 3 Layer Screen Print
    24kt Gold Leaf Hand Gilded Finish

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