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The Zodiac sign Taurus's mythology stretches all the way back to Babylon and the oldest story we know, The Epic of Gilgamesh. 

In part of this tale a spurned goddess sends the bull of heaven to take down the eponymous hero. Luckily for Gilgamesh his best friend and beast-man Enkidu tears the beast apart and hurls its pieces back into the heavens, creating the constellation Taurus. 

This constellation is also one of the earliest recorded and studied by early astronomers and there are theories, with suggested evidence, that it is depicted in the cave paintings in the ‘Hall Of The Bulls’ at Lascaux, which can be dated to 15000 BC. 

The bull plays a significant part in ancient symbolism in many cultures both representing the raw power of nature as well as the human races dominance of it through agriculture and husbandry. 

Regardless of your interest in astronomy and astrology the moment you were born was a singular moment in the history of the universe, the heavenly bodies will never again be in that same configuration. These prints celebrate that moment in time, you and always looking up to the stars.


  • 3 Layer Screen Print
    24kt Gold Leaf Hand Gilded Finish

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