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A 5 layer print of the ‘General Jacqueminot’ Hybrid Perpetual rose. This particular rose cultivar are primary ancestors of the modern hybrid tea roses and ‘rose’ to popularity during the victorian period due to its striking appearance, genetic disposition to re-bloom during a season and survive the colder northern European climate. 


This plate was originally selected by D. Bois, assistant to the chair of culture at the Paris Museum of Natural History, for volume 2 of the 4 volume collection: Favourite Flowers of Garden & Greenhouse written by Edward Step and with cultural directions edited by Mr. W. Watson F.R.H.S (at the time assistant curator of Kew gardens) in 1896. 

Sadly the information of who created the plate was not available.


The original image has been, thanks to the open source resources of the biodiversity heritage library, found, digitally reconditioned, reprinted by hand using modern screen printing techniques, with a new graphic addition hand gilded in 24kt Italian Gold Leaf.  The hope of this piece is that we do not forget these works of beauty growing dusty somewhere on a lonely shelf.


"Knowledge is soon changed, then lost in the mist, an echo half-heard." 

Gene Wolfe

Hybrid Perpetual

  • 4 Layer CMYK Screen Print
    24kt Italiang Gold Leaf Hand Gilded Finish
    Edition of 25

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