New Colour Fades - Movement Collection 

Looking for a delicious splash of colour? Take a look at the Movement series, a range of colour fades that may suit your delicious tastes. 
Each print begins as a spread of unblended colours and through the printing process and live mixing on screen they get worked together in an ever smoother blend. At particular points of this mixing process there are moments of emergent composition and colour interaction that are particularly pleasing. After selecting a cross section of 5 consecutive prints (which comprises each edition) from a run that can be upwards of 25 pieces. Those 5 being what I consider some fine movements. Enjoy!

Geometry, Gold & The Stars - Stellae Collection

The Constellation and Stellae series engages with images sourced from public domain educational archives. Selected imagery from mathematical, astronomical and navigational texts are curated and combined using digital collage, then recreated physically with contemporary gilding and screen printing techniques.